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The basic starter kit consists of the 4 most commonly used pizza oven tools and an additional 3 tool holders. These tools grouped as a package provide an automatic 10% discount from the individual total pricing, excellent value for your money if you are starting out setting up a pizza oven.

  • Large Pizza Shovel Square 30cm (weight approx. 2.1 kg)

  • Small Round Peel  *The Spinner* (weight approx. 1.2 kg)

  • Fire Scoop (weight approx. 1.2 kg)

  • Pan & Tray Hook (weight approx. 900 grams)

  • Holder 3P (has 3 points to hang tools from using D ring)

  • Holder 3U (has 3 U brackets to hang the tools with the blades pointing up)

  • Vee Holder (made to hang the smaller tools close to the work area with the blades pointing up)

  • Package Dimensions: 150cm long x 30cm wide x 10cm high

Basic Starter Kit (set of 4 tools & 3 holders)

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