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This is a must have for all pizza oven users, and it’s perfect for adjusting and moving the fire over the hearth prior to cooking to allow for the oven floor bricks to heat evenly. Whether you are cooking pizza, roasts or casseroles the fire needs constant attention and the fire scoop is excellent for keeping your hands and arms out of the fire.


  • Timber hardwood handle 29mm diameter

  • Handle fitted with 8cm long 316 stainless steel ferrule and D ring

  • Laser etched branding on ferrule

  • Scoop Blade size 32cm long x 10cm wide

  • Grade 316 stainless steel plate 1.6mm thick

  • Flat end allows poking / pulling & pushing of individual logs right into the fire for that even burn

  • Curved blade face allows you to trap and move the fire in the desired direction

  • Total length 136cm

  • Net Weight approx. 1.2 kg


Fire Scoop

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