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Hi, I’m Micko, a tradie Boilermaker, who just happens to love creating and building all sorts of crazy stuff. Creating my own specialized hand crafted Pizza tools and Pit Boss BBQ tools all came about from a love of cooking and wanting to have some funky tools to work with.

After experimenting and building my first pizza oven from the traditional brick and render type, I crafted a couple of new versions out of Stainless Steel with the help of some close friends. We then decided after having such nice new shiny pizza ovens we needed some hard wearing shiny pizza oven tools. After much research and development that included many pizza cook up nights with the ‘occasional glass of red wine or beer’, a standard set of tools was developed. We found the more of the latter was consumed the more artistic the tools became.



The decision to launch the website and start getting the hand-forged pizza tools out there was to let other people have as much fun as we do when we have a pizza night with family and friends. My favourites are the Fire Scoop because it’s always nice  to be able to adjust the fire and the Trowel as it is just as handy for moving pizzas around or opening a nice cold beer.

All my pizza oven tools are made for the rough and tumble of hard work at the pizza oven but also styled for the outdoor alfresco kitchen. These tools look great hanging on the wall with their own holders or as a group. I keep one inside to use for when the weather is bad. Stainless steel being a shiny product will catch the discerning eye and create a conversation piece with friends and family, plus it is nice just to have shiny things around to play with.

All the tools are hand forged here in WA from the design stage through to fabrication in my own workshop.

These hand forged tools are perfect for all your pizza oven cooking needs, whether it is cooking pizzas, those slow cooked dishes in the pizza oven or just enjoying the pizza oven fire……. so, get to it team, start your own pizza oven journey, and enjoy the wonderful creations from the pizza oven.

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