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All the pizza tools are individually hand crafted starting from placement of the individual order. The fabrication process takes approx 10 to 14 days based on the lead time for cutting, polishing, forging and assembly. When placing any order please take into consideration the fabrication process as well as the transport delivery duration from 12Mile to final destination. There is a small amount of stock kept available to help minimize the waiting period, however is is best advised to get your order in early to avoid disappointment.

Wood or Gas Fired Pizza Oven Tools

Wood Fired Pizza Ovens : the tools listed in the shop are generally for the wood fired pizza range of ovens taking into account the longer tools required when handling wood fired pizza ovens.

Gas Fired Pizza Ovens : the same tools can be made just with shorter handles to suit the smaller range of gas fired ovens, refer to the tips below on how to measure your pizza oven, or just send an email through with the required details and the tools can be made to order.


All the pizza tools blades have a large collar socket connecting to the handle. This large collar socket helps with stability and protects the 29mm Hardwood Timber handle when the tools are being used in the pizza oven.  A chamfered leading edge on pizza oven tools assists with pizza pick up from the oven hearth. Each one has a large ferrule and stainless steel D ring for hanging. Laser etched branding on ferrules for that clean modern look.

All the hand forged Pizza Oven Tools are made from stainless steel Grade 316 (1.6mm thick). 

The 2 most common stainless steel products used in the food industry are Grade 304 and Grade 316.  I prefer to use Grade 316 stainless steel as it has a higher corrosion resistance and improved strength factors.

All pizza oven tools have been meticulously cleaned after completion, however, it is recommended to give all the new tools a quick clean prior to use after unpackaging.



For most pizza ovens (depending on the size of the oven) should include the following:


  • Fire Scoop (this is a must have for moving and adjusting the fire)

  • Medium Round Pizza Peel or Medium Square Pizza Peel (depending on pizza oven shape & size)

  • Pot & Tray Hook (very handy tool to have around the oven)

  • Pizza Trowel or the Small Round Peel (the *Spinner*)

  • Tool holder (to keep your shiny new tools up off the floor and at a handy level for use)


You can never have too many shiny pizza oven tools for your wall, but you can always add to your collection as your pizza oven cooking requirements change.



If you would like to personalise one an item with a message for someone special, I would suggest either of the following pizza tools:

  • Pizza Trowel

  • Small Round Peel (the *Spinner*)


Both these tools are versatile and useful for those who love to get outdoors and go camping.  The *Spinner* or the *Trowel* are also the perfect size to take camping and work well in the outdoor BBQ when using pizza stones. The Spinner or the Trowel are both great gift ideas to help fill out the pizza tool wall.

SQUARE (4).png


When the pizza oven is cold, stand in front of your pizza oven and measure from the front of the oven door to the back of the oven. Consider any bench space in front of the pizza oven. I like to use an old broom handle (the small kitchen type that will fit) as this gives you the feeling of where you will want to comfortably stand and imagine you are turning or removing a pizza from the normal cooking zone of your pizza oven. Each pizza oven will have a different optimum cooking zone depending on the position of the fire. You will also need to measure the door opening of the pizza oven to make sure that the oven tools will fit through the door.



Now that you have invested in custom pizza oven tools you will want to keep these nice and shiny.  The Pizza Oven Tools are made from food grade stainless steel Grade 316 and hardwood timber handles. After use just wash up with normal kitchen dishwashing liquid and warm water. 

Just remember that the stainless steel can be scratched if using hard abrasive cleaners or scourers.  To remove any stuck on food just give the tools a quick soak in some warm soapy water, then just clean as normal with a soft kitchen sponge or cloth.  After cleaning, use a soft cloth to dry and rub food grade vegetable or olive oil over the timber handle and stainless steel to keep them in great condition. 

Another excellent product that can also be used to protect & maintain the pizza oven tools is *Gilly’s citrus based Chopping Board Oil*.  This non-toxic formula is food-safe, 100% natural, silicon free, contains no petrochemicals, and is Australian made and can be found in most hardware stores around Australia.



There are excellent locations on the tools for engraving a personalised sentiment to show how much you really care. The large collar socket connecting to the handle is a perfect location for a personalised message, as is the metal of the pizza peel across the top of the plate on the shovel.  Engraving can be done by your own local engraver, so you have complete control over the cost, message, and lettering of your choice.

SQUARE (3).png


Build your fire in the centre of the pizza oven using 7 to 9 sticks of dry kindling, one to two odour-free, non-toxic fire starters, and two to three pieces of seasoned medium or hardwood.  Stack the larger timber side by side leaving a gap between the logs, approximately a hands-width apart.  Stack the dry kindling in a criss cross pattern between the logs and build up the stack, placing the larger kindling on top.  If using fire starters place in the centre of the kindling stack. Another option is to use 1 or 2 pieces of old newspaper twisted tightly and placed at the base of the kindling. Try to avoid wax and sawdust fireplace starters, as they can leave a taste in your food.  If the timber is dry and well-seasoned, then there should be no need to use any fire starters at all. Never use any type of petroleum based products in your pizza oven

Once the fire gets going, add 2 to 3 pieces of wood so that the flame reaches the centre and front of the dome of your oven, without lapping too far out of the pizza oven opening.  Use seasoned wood that is roughly 3 to 4 inches in diameter, and roughly 18 inches long.  Once the fire is well established, continue adding more wood, and wait for about 20 minutes.  Using the *Fire Scoop*, gently move the fire bed around the oven allowing enough time between each move for the oven to become uniformly heated.  Move the fire to its final location in the pizza oven and clean the floor of the oven ready for cooking.  Maintain a gentle fire throughout the cooking process to keep the oven at a constant temperature.  Just remember that the above comments are just a guide if you are new to using a pizza oven, everyone has their own way of lighting their own pizza oven so go with whatever works for you.  This is a good opportunity to take the time to learn the hot spots in the oven as each pizza oven is unique and the type of timber you are using will also affect the heating of the oven.

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