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Very handy for moving hot coals from the oven, a must-have for the bread makers who want to control and lock down / seal up the oven for bread making.  It is always handy to have a metal bucket handy to drop the coals and ash into.  Remember to damp down and keep the hot coal bucket in a safe place well away from kids and partygoers.


  • Timber hardwood handle 29mm diameter

  • Handle fitted with 8cm long 316 stainless steel ferrule and D ring

  • Laser etched branding on ferrules

  • Ash Pan Plate size 25cm long x 26cm wide at front & 21cm at back

  • Ash Pan Depth 5cm at back tapering to 3cm at front

  • TIG welded corners

  • Grade 316 stainless steel plate 1.6mm thick

  • Pan is wider at mouth than at back for easy loading and unloading

  • Pan leading edge is chamfered and slightly sharpened for good ash/coal pick up

  • Total length approx. 100cm

  • Net Weight approx. 1.4 kg


Ash Pan

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